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A robot that can help fold clothes

A robot that can help fold clothes

Women can breathe a sigh of relief now, thanks to the latest invention courtesy the Scottish scientists who developed a robot who can fold and arrange clothes. One of the most daunting household chores one has to deal with is sorting out and folding clothes.

This massive 8 feet robot manages to neatly fold and arrange clothes with ease. This robot is capable of sorting out clothes based on fabric and putting them into separate piles. The robot is named Dexterous Blue and can efficiently sort out clothes of all sizes.

The robot has sensors on its hands which help in identifying the various fabrics of cloth and thus help in sorting them out evenly. The robot has two cameras in place, which acts as its eyes and helps it to move easily. It can also hear and manages to identify clothes from a distance merely by the rustle of the fabric.

Most of the robots designed prior to this robot have either dealt with solids or liquids, which are easier to handle in comparison to free flowing fabrics. This was a difficult task and the scientists at Glasgow University are proud of their invention which can make folding clothes one of the easiest tasks around the house. This robot first analyses the pile of clothes and the position. It then reaches out for clothes based on the fabrics, folds them and places them in individual piles.

Researchers are hoping to enhance the features of this robot to make it more efficient and fast in order for it to benefit a number of home owners.


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  1. Marcella Kami says:

    That’s amazing! But the first few words of the article were unnecessary. “Women can breathe a sigh of relief now”…

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