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A rotten Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera

A rotten Apple iPhone 6 Plus camera

Given the prestige of this company and its technical prowess to date, this is a surprise. Apple have to repair their iPhone 6 Plus because it has faulty cameras. Some viewers and habitual photographers and selfie-takers may have already noticed that their pictures are coming out blurry. There is a technical fault with the phone’s iSight camera.

Apple says that only a small percentage of sales are impacted so far. Apple has reported that affected units fall into a limited serial number category. These affected units were sold between September 2014 and January 2015.

Purchases outside this window still need to be checked. Also, the messages are blurry. On the one hand Apple offers to replace these devices for free. Elsewhere they say that the iSight camera (only) will be replaced.

Purchasers of these devices can have their handsets replaced for free. The offer of free exchanges stands for three years after the initial purchase. But unwitting consumers who generally use the camera sparingly can still check to see whether their mobile devices are affected. Their first port of call is to head to the Apple website and enter their device’s serial code.  

Nothing further was said at the time of writing on how to test whether the camera is indeed faulty, but users have the option of requisitioning repairs or simply handing in the phone at their nearest Apple store. While faulty phones are not being reported widely, the company still needs to clarify its repair and returns proposal.

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