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Amazon all set to launch a user-friendly dash button

Amazon all set to launch a user-friendly dash button

The Internet of Things is growing and online shopping occupies a crucial position in it. Amazon’s plan for Internet of Things covers a wide range of activities, products and services; an interesting thing in it, though, is that the company makes buying as simple as pushing dash buttons that have been recently introduced.

The size of a pack of gum, each device is dedicated to one product that can be ordered by pushing the round button on the side. A consumer who runs out of laundry detergent, for example, can buy packs of Tide by pushing its Dash Button once, without having to leave home.

Users have to hook their Dash Buttons up with their smartphones; the connection is achieved through local Wi-Fi for the set up. Once a button is pushed, it sends message via WiFi to the customer’s Amazon account and an order for that particular product is placed. Consumers will have the option of same day delivery at extra cost.

It’s good news for people who have Amazon accounts, those who make most of their household purchases online. However, its a bad news for neighborhood mom and pop stores who occasionally sell to online shoppers living in the same neighborhood.

These Dash Button can easily be hooked up anywhere with the adhesive tape (replaceable); For convenience, people can hang the Dash Button for Folgers right next to the coffee maker. Amazon launched this button Tuesday and currently it is available by invites only. The Dash Buttons will be mainstreamed soon.

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