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An Apple a day will keep the voicemails away

An Apple a day will keep the voicemails away

Most mobile users have heard them, and many more have stopped listening to them altogether because voicemail messages can be an irritating bugbear particularly on blue Mondays, or even on other relatively good days. Many messages are recorded tactlessly by their senders and are incoherent at best. Apple’s Siri has heard irritated users loud and clear, though. Soon, Siri will be listening to voicemails and transcribing them into text which can be best understood by its readers.

It seems as though Siri has responded to mostly younger fans. Back in 2012, the Pew Research Center found that it was younger mobile device users who were ignoring voicemail messages, preferring to receive and send up to sixty text messages a day. Based on this research, Apple’s latest initiatives make good business sense and highlight their reputation for responding swiftly to clients’ own actions and, in some cases, feedback.

After the work is done by Siri, the virtual message will be sent via Apple’s iCloud service. Users won’t have to do anything. Voicemail calls will simply be diverted directly to Siri. This new service could very well declare voicemail messages to Apple recipients extinct. Once testing is completed, this new service is expected to be up and running in 2016, possibly coinciding with the launch of the new iOS 10 mobile operating system.

In the meantime, more options are being diverted to regular Apple customers. A SIM card, pre-installed with Wi-Fi, will allow users to switch payment plans simply by tapping and wiping.


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