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Apple designer guru Jony Ive promoted

Apple designer guru Jony Ive promoted

Apple’s top designer Jony Ive got a promotion this Monday revealed a source. Jony, who was responsible for some of the best designs Apple proudly showcased in recent times is now a Chief Design Officer on papers with the company. This is a newly created position which Johy will now take responsibility of. Ive begun working with Apple in 1992 and led the design team since 1996.

Ive worked with a team of professionals to deliver some of the most appreciated designs will now focus on future designs and projects. Two of Ive’s most trusted deputies will take up the managerial role that he initially handled starting July 1st. He will give up his day to day managerial duties once the two start their job.

Jony was given a lot of credit for his genius human interface that came with the Apple Smart watch, He was also responsible for the larger screens that came with the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. This move helped Apple increase sales and profit margins to a great extent.

Apple created the Chief Design Officer position for Jony to give him his due recognition for the service he has provided to the company. He is an asset to the company and the company wanted him to feel the same, which is why this step was taken. Jony will now have more time to focus on bigger projects; however, he still states he will remain involved with the designs since that’s what he loves to do most.



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