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PDF readers for your Android device

PDF readers for your Android device

As there has been increasing usage of Android devices for reading various textual materials, we would like to cover some of the best PDF readers for Android devices.

Here are the top PDF reader apps for your Android smartphones and tablets. Some of these apps are available for free while the others are paid apps, some of which offer a freemium or a trial app. All these apps will work on any Android device given that the Operating System version is at least the same as stated in the minimum requirements.


1) Adobe Reader (Android 2.3.3 and above)

Just as in the case of Windows and other major platforms, Adobe reader is also one of the most polished free PDF readers for Android. The key features of the app includes High-quality and fast PDF viewing on small screens and the ability to view password protected and PDF Portfolio files. Using this app, you can share files with your friends. Additionally, you can view PDF files in different languages which include French, German, Italian and of course English. Touch navigation for tablets is another great feature.


2) RepliGo (Android 2.2 and above)

RepliGo Reader is a non-free app which allows desktop-quality viewing of a PDF document, be it a local PDF file or an email attachment. PDF files can be opened directly without the need for any server-side conversion, services or subscriptions. This app allows for copying text to the clipboard and pasting it into sticky note annotations, other comments, or even other applications.


3) Radaee PDF Reader (Android 3.0 and above)

Radaee PDF Reader is a free app which has all the features that a normal user wants in a PDF reader. The main features of Radaee PDF Reader are:

1. Fast rendering speed for PDF with many images.
2. Zooming (Multi-Touch)
3. Searching, text selection and highlight.
4. 6 view layouts and PDF outlines view.
5. Single tap annotation editing or media playing.


4) ezPDF Reader (Android 2.1 and above)

Fast full fidelity rendering, intuitive granular zoom/navigation, text wrap view, multi-touch/pinch-to-zoom, encrypted/password protected PDFs, text search, bookmarks, embedded links are some of the salient features of this app. The ezPDF Reader PDF is worth a try especially since the developer has provided a trial version.


5) qPDF Viewer and Notes (Android 2.1 and above)

The qPDF app comes in two flavors:
– qPDF Viewer Free is a free PDF reader for Android
– qPDF Notes Pro is a paid PDF reader which also supports annotating, form filling, and signing

This app is just as fast as Radaee and supports better editing compared to ezPDF and Repligo. Unlike Radaee, qPDF supports PDF that is generated using Google Drive, which includes documents that are generated via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) through Google Drive’s camera.


So, what is your favorite PDF reader for Android?

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