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Is it possible to have real life JARVIS computer?

Is it possible to have real life JARVIS computer?

Just recently, I had posted about the customization of the Windows 7 and 8 operating systems to resemble Tony Stark’s JARVIS AI inside a mechanized suit. The most fascinating thing about the Iron Man movie is having the JARVIS AI interface act as Tony Stark’s digital assistant.

The AI handles each and everything related to Tony Stark’s work, writing programs for his suit, maintaining the security of his house but it begs the question whether or not such an AI can be present in the real world. You will be surprised to hear that the answer is yes.

There are several milestones achieved by tech geeks all over the world in replicating such an AI interface.

Real life JARVIS

The real life JARVIS interface will require tons of complex programming as well as an accurate voice recognition system. Having a voice recognition system does not mean having a simple database of pre-loaded commands. Instead, JARVIS’s responsive voice recognition system can raise questions itself and wait for an appropriate answer or command.

To be honest, it will take a lot of time and effort on the part of the creator.

However, a tech geek by the name of Chad Barraford has created an app for the MAC which he has named JARVIS. This app is able to talk with him, wake him up in the morning, as well as broadcast a weather report and track some of the latest news revolving around his interests.

Picture a computer that can tell you or send you texts, as well as notify you about the latest news popping up from social sites, technology blogs and emails. Chad has constructed something similar to that.

The complete pack of JARVIS includes:

  • Mac Mini.
  • Radio-frequency-identification (RFID) tag reader.
  • X10 home automation system.
  • Wall speakers and a wireless microphone.

The entire package will set you back by $691.98 but you might just think that the package is worth the price after seeing the videos below.

Here are a few video demonstrations related to the functionality of JARVIS.

In this video JARVIS is talking with Chad.

In this video, you’ll see the morning alert and weather reports given to Chad by JARVIS.

See how the program reacts when there is an activity going on in the house.

The project happens to be a one of a kind project. I am confident that after watching the above videos, you too will grow into a huge fan of the JARVIS app.

For those of you who were hoping for a real life JARVIS interface; your dreams have come true now. Do you still think it is possible to have a real life JARVIS interface?

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