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Chrysler’s big fine

Chrysler’s big fine

America’s largest auto manufacturer can afford it. Fiat Chrysler has been slapped with a huge 105 million dollar fine. It is, to date, the largest known fine handed out by the NHTSA. While the fine is justified, it also beggars belief.

It has to be remembered that America’s traffic safety authority is punishing the manufacturing giant for the bungling of millions of product recalls of their vehicles mainly for safety reasons.

Chrysler’s punishment includes the repurchase of over five hundred thousand pickup trucks manufactured over a number of years towards the end of the last decade. The steering mechanisms of these Chrysler creations caused them to veer off course.

It is also hard to believe why Chrysler’s skilled technicians had not noticed this before nor tested it adequately before unleashing their top-selling vehicles to drivers whose lives were put in danger because of this deficiency in quality assurance.

Federal court documents show that 75 people have died so far. Also, Chrysler’s misdemeanors were exposed by one drunk driver. In 2013, the Sanchez brothers managed to narrowly avoid death by burning when their Chrysler-manufactured Jeep burst into flames on a Californian highway after being knocked by an intoxicated driver.

Sanchez’s lawyer said that the collision with the Jeep’s gas compartment behind the rear axle was the reason for the fire.

After so many lives have already been lost, Fiat Chrysler’s fine is light. Long before this accident, the recall of faulty vehicles was already unacceptably slow. The brothers only received a notice to recall their vehicle eight months after their accident.


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