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Counter-blocking ad blockers

Counter-blocking ad blockers

There is a concern that free internet use will be adversely affected by the increased use of ad blocking software.

Unless users are sitting in a public library, municipal offices or utilizing the mall’s free Wi-Fi service, the internet is not and never will be free. Somewhere some body or another is paying for the service to be used by millions around the world. One of the users’ benefactors is the advertising industry, particularly the advertisers who aggressively pepper the web pages with ads that users continue to bypass in order to view their chosen material.

The popular software being used to block out unwanted ads is causing problems for both the online publishing and advertising businesses. Those that have not been able to take advantage of this software continue to experience hazardously slow loading of web pages due to them being overpopulated by ads. For those who are vigilantly anti-commercial, it is quite good news.

Adobe and PageFair have both reported that around twenty-two billion dollars of advertising revenue could be lost this year due to one out of every three internet users installing ad blocking software.

However, there could be very bad news for those who love all things free, particularly the internet. The use of anti-advertising software may have an adverse effect on required revenue, perhaps even be illegal, and when publishing businesses are forced to cave in and relinquish their income contributors, they will be forced to charge users to view their content. It will be pricey.

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