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Data thieves beware

Data thieves beware

T-Mobile’s boss, John Legere, does not like his company’s stuff being pilfered. He also does not like cheap customers. Legere and his staff have found that some customers have managed to work their way around T-Mobile’s trademark 7GB monthly cap package by hiding their tethering usage. What this means is that users are surfing the company’s web from their mobile phones and using its LTE network to download stuff onto their computers for free.

Under normal circumstances, tethering speed slows down after users’ monthly 7GB has been depleted. As a consequence of T-Mobile’s unlimited LTE mobile plans, users have still managed to take advantage. For now though, it is all guesswork on the part of John Legere. But he suspects that some users are able to steal wireless access for their own business, powering cloud services and even providing towns and small cities with free broadband access. He also believes that the data thieves are slowing down the network for all other honest users.

While they are taking action, T-Mobile is treading lightly. Guilty customers, and T-Mobile knows who they are, will first be summoned with a warning. If those warnings are not heeded these customers will lose access to the unlimited plan. One tech analyst is surprised at the company’s drastic call to arms because, he argues, only 0.01 percent of T-Mobile’s customers are guilty as sin. He suspects that it is nothing more than a grievous attempt by the company to capture more revenue from a highly competitive market.  

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