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AT&T DirecTV to your phone

AT&T DirecTV to your phone

The go-ahead has been given to AT&T to become USA’s largest pay-tv provider. With their stock price not seeing much movement in recent days, it seems to be an awful lot of money to be paying for the latest offering, which will please customers driven to spend more real time on their mobile devices than ever before. The telecom giant is blending their current DirecTV service into an all-wireless bundle, which will be available on mobile phones worldwide. The projected expenditure on this marketing and service initiative is tagged at a hefty 49 billion US dollars.

While it is a generous bouquet, particularly for new customers, the service is not cheap. A monthly combo which will include DirecTV and DVR services for up to four set-tops will set the customer back two hundred dollars a month. There is also unlimited talk and texting space for wireless devices and 10 Gigabytes of shared wireless data use available. This sample represents a saving of fifty dollars a month. This so-called special price will only be available for a year, after which new customers will have to submit to regular, more expensive prices.

It is being bandied as an ‘all-in-one’ package for mobile users who don’t want to rely on conventional landline phone services. Logistically, it is ideal for consumers who currently do not want access to or cannot access landlines, particularly in remote, isolated areas. But the marketing tag remains obvious. The more service offerings customers sign up for, the bigger the discounts.


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  1. Charles says:

    that’s the type of new trends i like to hear

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