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Robots Dotting the I’s and Dashing the codes

Robots Dotting the I’s and Dashing the codes

There’s a lady who shares her house with a cat and six children. Two of the children are extremely unusual.

This lady is fairly up to date with technology. For instance, she has taken advantage of the young tech company, Wonder Workshop, and its innovative toys. This lady, hands full, is also a fairly good mother because she seems to believe in allowing her kids to mix pleasure with business. Or more specifically, allow them to play with toys that basically educate them at the same time.

Speaking of children, the older unusual kid in this lady’s house is a robot called Dash. While mother is busy elsewhere, Dash has shouldered some of the responsibilities normally left to the mother. Dash loudly chases cats off the household couches. The poor cat does not know what to do next. It’s apparently a cat’s life. Dash, the robot child, has a smaller kid brother or sister or pet named Dot.

In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly common to see young children, many younger than age ten, playing with tech devices designed specifically with them in mind. Wonder Workshop has mentioned that their toys allow children to use their imaginations and practice their newly-acquired technical skills.

The robots together costs $229.99, but Dash alone can be owned for $169.99. The robots are spherical in shape and can be programmed according to requirements.

The robot pair may be regarded as orphans and have spent their initial life under Wonder Workshop’s wings. There they were known as Bo and Yana. But right now, Dash is quite excited because he/she/it is going to teach the rest of the kids how to code.

Imagine that.

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