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Earbuds reinvented by Beats co-founder

Earbuds reinvented by Beats co-founder

Steven Lamar was as an integral part of the Beats team that marketed the Beats earbuds, which quickly became a household name. Later, he filed a lawsuit against other co-founders, Jimmy Lovine and Andre (Dr. Dre) Young, for cutting him out from millions of dollars in royalty just before Apple took over Beats for $3 billion.

So far, the lawsuit has not reached any conclusion, but Steven Lamar in the meantime has been at work to establish a new audio company called Roam, and the earbuds reinvented by the Beats co-founder is the “Rope”. The high end headphone industry in 2013 was worth over $1 billion and Lamar is convinced that his $299 Rope will do just fine.

Ropes are designed to hang around your neck all day long, just like a fashion statement; whenever the need arises to listen to some music or answer a phone call, lift it up and put the earbuds into your ears. It claims to be the best in its class in the market because users are given the freedom to customize the sound setting.

Ropes come with five band equalizer and preset for music according to their types. You can adjust the sound right into the headphones with the help of a mobile app; as you preset all your customized sounds, you can carry them to any device that has an audio source.

The “coolness” factor played an important role in the development of Rope; however, it is not only aesthetically admirable, it has built in amplifier, rechargeable battery and Bluetooth, which makes Rope a very practical headphone.


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