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Facebook Highlights in testing mode

Facebook Highlights in testing mode

Yesterday Facebook updated their Facebook app to 7.0. Not only does this update bring a new messenger and a few minor bug fixes but it also introduces a new feature called Facebook Highlights. The new feature is in testing mode and is only available to a small number of iOS users. The Facebook Highlights is available in the new People tab and what it does is it shows updates only from the friends that you have recently interacted with, which is the totally opposite of what news feed does.

Facebook Highlights

Facebook Highlights

If you are one of the users who have got this update then you will probably see a People tab instead of the Requests tab which used to show if you have any new or pending friend requests. The People tab has further three sub tabs, namely Facebook Highlights, History and Everyone. What ‘’Everyone tab’’ does is that it shows you all the friends included in your list in an alphabetical manner while the ‘’History tab’’ shows you the info about the recent activities that you did such as your comments, etc.

The Facebook Highlights tab shows your new friend requests at the top, hiding the ones that you have left behind. Beneath it, you will have a list of friends who have their birthday on the present day, so you will never miss wishing a friend on their birthday anymore. Further down you will see recent life events showing the recent events that your friends are having such as graduation, getting a new job, relation status, etc. Finally after life events, there is a list of friends with their upcoming birthdays.

The new feature still needs polishing as everything is overlapping each other and is not well organized but it is still in testing mode and Facebook might do a lot of redesigning on their Facebook Highlights. Some of you might not even end up using it while for others, it might be a really useful addition so it really depends on personal preferences. Nevertheless it’s good to see Facebook tyring to help us remember stuff.

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