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Finally, a story that’s truly trending

Finally, a story that's truly trending

This story is worth telling. It is trending in more ways than one. Trending is the buzz-word often used by off-beat online news sites that report breaking and headline news in unconventional ways. It has its merits because it encourages people to read news that they wouldn’t have otherwise read. To be more precise, the entire concept of trends has increased people’s reading habit significantly.

Before the social media and contemporary news vines landed in most young people’s laps, trending was a word associated mainly with the fashion industry and the world of dressmaking and clothing design. Heidi McKenzie is a clothing designer of note. What she has come up with recently has made viral news headlines, particularly for folks with an interest in the clothing industry. Her recent collection is called Alter Ur Ego. It is also inspired by personal experience.

Heidi put together a unique range of jeans specifically tailored for folks in wheelchairs. Sourcing her inspiration for this pioneering blend, she mentioned that normal-sized clothes generally don’t fit well for people in wheelchairs. She also wanted wheelchair ladies to look fashionable while carting about in their chairs. The jeans are also comfortable to wear.

Heidi teamed up with designer, Kristin Tidwell, to create this comfortable and fashionable range of jeans wear for both men and women. It is made from Spandex, has large side pockets and a high waist back with a pressure control panel in the midriff. It even has a catheter opening for emergencies. Heidi became paralyzed after she was involved in a car accident a few years ago.

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