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Firefoxing Microsoft: What exactly happened?

Firefoxing Microsoft: What exactly happened?

Microsoft is using users’ internet bandwidth to carry out free Windows 10 updates at users’ expense. The giant software company is still running at a loss.

The tech biggie was initially at a loss for words (and action) when Mozilla Firefox’s CEO Chris Beard decided to take Microsoft to task for their poor handling of their introduction of Windows 10. The Firefox CEO contacted Microsoft’s Satya Nadella directly, but no ‘meaningful progress’ has been achieved through this publicized confrontation.

The Next Web was the first to blow the whistle. They found a feature called Windows Update Delivery Optimization that simultaneously saves and uploads only parts of update files that users have downloaded.

Depending on users’ unaltered settings, files can be shared with other users within a LAN and even the internet. It appears that the feature is enabled by default but remains a gross violation nevertheless.

The argument that Firefox are standing by is a valid one. Windows 10 users can change defaults randomly, but it is cumbersome and difficult to navigate. What’s more, there is also the serious hint of anti-trust violations. However, Mozilla Firefox is clearly more upset with Microsoft’s scheme to enforce users to make Microsoft Edge their default browser. This step by Microsoft is hurting the popularity of Firefox directly.

While Mozilla’s motto esteems customer choice, Microsoft has responded stating that they are open to making adjustments based on user feedback, and learning from experiences. In addition, the Redmond, Washington-based tech giant has also promised vaguely that it would make improvements.

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