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Fitness chaos for wheelchair folks

Fitness chaos for wheelchair folks

Chaotic Moon Studios is a design and development workshop studio based in Texas State capital, Austin.  One of Chaotic Moon Studios’ content strategists is disabled and uses a wheelchair to get around.

Tyler Hively is the inspiration behind the company’s latest design. The Freewheel was created in Chaotic Moon’s BASE laboratory. Studio designers are relying on Hively’s experience-based input. Freewheel is a fitness tracker which is being fitted to wheelchairs.

Interested web browsers can locate the company’s website and view a video on how the Freewheel was conceptualized and how it works. The designers explain in the video the fitness tracker’s unique features which coincide with the needs of wheelchair users and the use of their active muscles. By using effect sensors, a barometer, gyroscope and accelerometer, the device measures speed, acceleration, distance, altitude, incline and decline. Also, Bluetooth is used to transmit data traditionally used to monitor the heart rate.

Chaotic Moon’s design strategies and developments stretch beyond wheelchairs. The Bluetooth-powered data will be able to create surface maps of cities, towns and mountains which will be of use to mountain bikers and hikers, and even for directionless folks who merely want to take shortcuts to their nearest convenience store.

The wheelchair device is being fine-tuned for eventual use in the coming months, but no release date can be set at this time. Chaotic Moon’s imagination also stretches well beyond convenience and practical everyday use. It now borders on silliness. The Accenture-owned design studio is also working on fire-shooting drones.


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