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Free HBO from Verizon

Free HBO from Verizon

Customers know that when free viral deals are dangled before their eyes it is either too good to be true, or there is a catch. The catch here is that ultimately the service will not be free going forward. Account or credit card details will still need to be processed in the meantime.

However, there’s a twist in the tale. This offering is for thirty days on a trial basis. If internet surfers don’t like what they see they can always cancel.

The best news is that there is very little not to like about HBO and its popular premium content and quality shows. Harking back to the days of The Sopranos to today’s Game of Thrones, HBO is famous for its above average prime time and award-winning network shows which keep millions of viewers glued to their TV or High Definition screens tightly, seven days of the week. The Time-Warner owned network has partnered with Verizon by offering prime time fans their internet-only streaming service HBO Now.

The trial period is free. Thereafter, customers can choose monthly payment options which suit their budgets and viewing preferences. Ben Grad, Verizon’s executive director of content strategy and acquisition, says that it is all about combining high quality content and viewers’ choices with HBO’s award-winning shows.

Payment offerings begin at a reasonable $14.99 per month. However, for now it is only open to regular users of Verizon’s DSL and FiOS internet packages. Interested newcomers know that they are welcome to join the show.

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