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Free Windows dressing from Microsoft

Free Windows dressing from Microsoft

In the manual of effective sales techniques to drive up sales and generate profits, it is one of the oldest tricks. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It all depends on the product being sold and how well it does with its consumers. It also depends on how good the product is. If it is a bad one, or merely functional, recipients of company gifts may want to look elsewhere for alternatives.

For now though, the sales pitch tells customers that there is no other software package like it. The pitch is being heard by mostly loyal customers or PC users who have had no other alternative other than the legendary Microsoft Windows brand, whether they are at home or in the office. The dependency also has a lot to do with regional demographics and market outreaches.

Microsoft Inc.’s launch of their new Microsoft Windows  comes with the reputation of them being long-time industry leaders in personal computer software development. The leadership tag is slightly misleading because the company also enjoys monopolistic control in different regions of the world. This kind of dominance takes some time to reverse when rival competitors arrive much later in the day.

Part of Microsoft’s reason for giving away free Windows 10 packages has to do with entering and establishing themselves in a new market niche dominated by smartphones, tablets and internet search engines. After suffering huge losses across the board in recent years, Microsoft is now playing catch-up with new industry leaders. Whether the plan will bring results for the company is something only time can tell.

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