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Giant robot bird hired by Sydney Opera House

Giant robot bird hired by Sydney Opera House

Seagulls have been terrorizing patrons and visitors of the Sydney Opera House who tried to eat something while enjoying the sunshine outside. The gulls come from nowhere and snatch the visitors’ half-eaten food from their plates; they have been feasting even on people’s hand held snacks.

Anyone with food on a plate or in hand around the Opera House is a potential target of the predatory seagulls that have no control on their hunger. The situation is pretty annoying and causing a lot of trouble for the visitors.

The management and venue operators have tried different deterrents in the past, but none came out to be adequately effective. Guess who is going to scare away the gulls this time! It’s a giant robot bird hired by Sydney Opera House.

The idea is not a new one; it was first conceived and implemented by Scotland’s Network Railway to get rid of birds and their poops from the main train station of Edinburgh. They built robot falcons to scare them away; the plastic falcons would shriek with their heads swiveling and wings flapping.

The Opera House mechanical robot bird will be gigantic and it will cost $6500. The seagulls are off limit to be trapped; they are protected under Australia’s National Parks and Wildlife Act. Thus, scaring them away seems to be the only option.

Among the celebrities who were attacked by the hungry seagulls, the most recent one is Hilary Duff during her lunch early this month. The management has posted signs around the city and beaches urging people not to feed the birds as that will make them aggressive.

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