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Google likes its spoons

Google likes its spoons

The world’s largest internet search engine, Google, has recently acquired Lift Labs, a San Francisco based startup medical device company. Lift Lab is the maker of a high-tech tremor-cancellation spoon that helps people with Parkinson’s disease. The technology cancels the shiver in the patient’s hand and transfers it to the spoon.

After the acquisition of the company, Google will officially own the spoons. The internet giant seems to be expanding into sectors such as healthcare and biotechnology market. The newly acquired Lift Labs is going to join the Google [x] division, which deals with various life science projects.

The liftware spoon appears to be effective in 70 percent of the clinical trials on tremor cancellation with Parkinson’s (and other) patients. The technology with which this spoon works includes an on-board computer that lets it adapt to a patient’s tremor. The tremor is a neurological condition that produces involuntary rhythmic shaking of hands and other parts of the patient’s body; there are approximately 10 million of these patients across the USA. It’s not a life threatening disease, but it usually has a tremendous negative impact on the sufferer’s quality of normal life.

Lift Labs retailed the spoons to consumers at a price of $295 per unit; Google plans to continue with the same price. There is no information on how much Google spent to acquire Lift Labs; nevertheless, it looks like a smart investment for the world’s number one internet search engine.


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