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Google says no to Europe

Google says no to Europe

American tech giant Google remains at loggerheads with European authorities.

Margrethe Vestager, the European Union’s antitrust chief laid out charges against Google in April, stating that they abused their monopoly in search engine functions in the European region in order to promote some of their other services. But Google have rejected these claims. The world’s most dominant search engine company has made a familiar argument.

Google believes that there is more than enough competition within the European Union to warrant their aggressive presence. The argument is also that local customers have more choices. Google have submitted their formal response to the antitrust charges made against them. Previously, European watchdog authorities found the company guilty of denying rights to clients to preserve their privacy online.

While arguing in favour of consumers, Google has a bad reputation for persistently not listening to their customers. What the European officials have also done is act on behalf of these people whose rights were violated. The trend of Google’s guilt may continue and if found guilty of breaking the European Union’s antitrust laws, the search giant may face billions of dollars in fines. Also, Google’s argument on the side of consumer choice and healthy competition is moot when seen against their ninety percent dominance of the European market in comparison with the sixty-five percent share they hold in the USA.

The company should not be deceived in thinking that they are dealing with a greenhorn in Margrethe Vestager in spite of only being antitrust chief for a year.


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