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Intel opens up to open-source software OpenStack

Intel opens up to open-source software OpenStack

Intel is leading the way with a one hundred million dollar investment in an open source crowd funding initiative. The giant chip maker is doing a good deal with Mirantis Inc. which sells subscribed versions of open-source software OpenStack. The software, it is believed, will be supplied gratis and help companies achieve benefits similar to the cloud services already being offered by Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Intel is not alone in this latest initiative. Other investors are already on board.

And this is not all that Intel is doing these days. The Silicon Valley pioneer is pledging additional funds towards technology developments made by new start-up companies.

For the time being, OpenStack is freely available. They also provide customers with commercially-oriented packages which empower them towards having the choice of at least more than one vendor to utilise. Large retailing giants such as Walmart and PayPal are already using this service provider.

It is a data-centric operating system which provides companies with a ‘software dashboard’ to help them manage the collation of server systems, storage units and networking appendages. OpenStack was first introduced five years ago by NASA and Rackspace Hosting Inc., also a provider of cloud computing services.

But it is Intel’s surprising commitment which has caught the eye of potential investors and beneficiaries. Nothing has been cast in stone as yet, but early indications are that Intel’s investment could have mass appeal on a corporate level. Intel has correctly taken a long term view in buying into OpenStack.


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