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Coward thug leaves elderly couple confined to wheelchairs

Coward thug leaves elderly couple confined to wheelchairs

The recent images of the tragedies associated with the migrant crises which show thousands of refugees fleeing Africa and Europe away from danger and poverty and to Europe in search of a better life is still vivid for those who care.

It is universally known as the largest migration crisis to hit Europe since last century’s Second World War. That war was fought over land and racial supremacy, which led to millions of Jews being brutally murdered by Germany’s Nazis. Fortunately, most of today’s Germans have tentatively opened their arms to this wave of migrants.

Among those Europeans who sympathize with these migrants are many elderly Jews who survived the Holocaust only to carry those horrific memories with them for the rest of their lives. Samuel and Diana Blug are a Dutch couple, well into their eighties, who bear those mental and physical scars. But just recently, they became victims once more of brutal and vulgar anti-Semitism. Beaten badly by thugs, the elderly Blugs are now confined to wheelchairs for the rest of their trauma-filled lives.

It is alleged that a man of Moroccan descent masqueraded as the local police and demanded to be let in to the elderly couple’s apartment. How anyone knew that this man could be Moroccan remains a mystery. It does not appear, however, to be truly a deliberate anti-Semitic act, but rather a violent and cowardly act of breaking in.

But it is also alleged that the attackers branded the Blugs as ‘dirty Jews’.


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