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Luna knows when you are asleep or awake

Luna knows when you are asleep or awake

Smart devices and gadgets are emerging one after another turning American homes into “smart homes”. Smart phones, smart locks, smart light bulbs, smart watches and other smart gadgets are all around; furthermore, there is another smart device that could only be imagined as part of sci-fi movies, a smart mattress cover (or pad) called Luna; this new device was launched last Tuesday.

Luna knows when the user is asleep or awake; it is capable of tracking its user’s sleep and warming the bed up to the desired temperature; it can handle up to 83 degrees Fahrenheit.. Moreover, Luna can be synced with other smart devices.

Matteo Franceschetti and Massimo Andreasi Bassi, co-founders of Luna, reveal that the device is not meant to feel hot immediately after being touched. Additionally, users are allowed to select their preferred hotspots; built-in sensors enable the mattress cover to track sleeping phases and breathing rates as well as to monitor heart beats.

Luna will wake the user up when the sleep is light with a smart alarm so that he/she doesn’t feel dizzy. Luna is currently in partnership with smart device makers Beep, Emberlight, Lockitron and Nest; it has done so to get itself synced with smart light, thermostat and door lock to make homes more secure than ever.

Luna is made in four different sizes: full, queen, king and California king. The starting price of the smart mattress cover is $179. It is just in its prototype phase, yet the queen and king sizes are all sold out.

Luna is supposed to start shipping orders in August. Its makers are currently focusing on improving the product to attract more consumers.

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