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Making wheelchair kids scary

Making wheelchair kids scary

Magic Wheelchair is a non-profit organization which specializes in making wheelchair kids scary. But do not be entirely afraid. This non-profit also makes wheelchair bound children laugh. Based on real life experience, Magic Wheelchair is able to manufacture scary and fun-filled costumes which fit the wheelchair child’s special physical circumstances and his wild imagination.

It started nearly ten years ago with Ryan Weimer. Little did he think that he would be creating magic for more than his own kids. Through the years he seems to have enjoyed making colorful and alarming Halloween costumes for his children. Not long ago he decided to share his passion with those little ones who could only dream about them.

Now, he is making Halloween costumes for disabled children. He is able to do this based on his own personal experience with three, not one, kids of his own who all have Spinal Muscular Atrophy which confines them to wheelchairs. Ryan’s eldest child, Keaton, wanted to be a pirate. He has been in a wheelchair since the age of two.  So, the father of three used his own imagination and came up with a pirate ship, never mind just the costume, to blow his child away.  

Ryan’s experience with his own special children has taught him to appreciate the finer things in life, such as making kids smile, and to acknowledge everything that others merely take for granted. And it’s also always about the bigger picture. This means letting the wheelchair kids’ imaginations run wild.

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