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Making wireless sense of Samsung’s monitor

Making wireless sense of Samsung’s monitor

Samsung is launching a monitor which allows their smartphone customers to charge their phones without wired battery chargers. In other words, the Asian tech giant is allowing their smart users to charge their phones wirelessly. While the Samsung monitor (screen) is on remotely, Samsung smartphones can be charged.

It is all appealingly high definition and well-integrated. Interestingly, the new Samsung screens are compatible with Apple and Microsoft’s new Windows products. The manufacturers have made no secret of their targeted market of regular gamers.

But users’ Samsung phones need to be supported with standardized wireless charging devices, which is a feature also used by most local competing phone makers. It was mentioned elsewhere that any device, not just Samsung mobile products, could be charged via this monitor.

The remote advantage is that it reduces the number of cords within the domestic environment. It also reduces the clutter of work areas, alleviating unnecessary cables and ports usually used for charging, downloading and streaming. Samsung’s VP of visual display business, Seok-gi Kim, echoes this drive towards efficiency and convenience. He mentions that customers rely on their devices for information and interaction and should not be saddled with such encumbrances.

All that needs to happen is for the mobile phone to be placed near the monitor’s charging area. Once that is done, the device automatically begins to charge. While no price is mentioned, the new Samsung monitor will only be launched later this year.

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