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Costly new toys from the house of Microsoft

Costly new toys from the house of Microsoft

New customers will be paying more to use Microsoft. This is not unusual when companies procure losses due to poor boardroom decisions.

In spite of Microsoft’s bad call on a Scandinavian mobile phone legend the software giant is still proceeding with its launch of the Lumia 950 XL. The world has come to know about the impending launch from leaked images of the new handset.

Previous and regular users of Microsoft products have some surprises to look forward to. Previously, they could play their DVDs on their PC’s for free. Now, they won’t. Users who have already begun their ‘free’ upgrades to Windows 10 may have already discovered this.

At least, for now, they have only been ‘asked’. For the time being, users still have the unpleasant option of saying no to paying for a new service and losing the joys of old pleasures.

People saying yes to the new Windows 10 upgrade option will have to fork out nearly twenty dollars to play their DVDs.  This option becomes available after a remote app is downloaded.

Ironically, it is a Chinese website that has leaked the images of the new Lumia handsets. The tech giant wanted to shield all those images from viewers during the testing phase of the devices. Reports suggest that the devices are still undergoing tests.

Windows bean counters and number crunchers may soon start scratching their heads again when trying to configure additional financial losses. Tech experts are blogging to interested consumers that they still have another option of obtaining the VLC Player for free.

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