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Mobile-only internet users surpass desktop-only users for the first time

Mobile-only internet users surpass desktop-only users for the first time

The internet today is more than just a tool used to make life simpler. Browsing the internet has become a habit, a way of life for millions today. Use of the internet has become so easy that it is available at our fingertips, whether it is the desktop, laptop or even mobile phones.

A recent ComScore report showed that for the first time in the history of internet browsing, the number of internet users on mobile phones had exceeded the number of internet users on the desktop by a vast difference.

However, what is noteworthy in this report is the fact that this research does not conclude that the internet is accessed more on mobile phones. Instead, what it relays is that internet is being accessed a lot on both these devices. All said and done, it is also imperative to mention that the number of mobile internet users has increased significantly and gives us an idea on how far the mobile industry can go.

Also worth mentioning is that up until a year ago, the number of desktop internet users was more than double the amount of the mobile internet users today. Hence, where on one hand, this report gives us the picture of a glorious future for the mobile phone industry, on the other hand it paints the diminishing fact of the reduction in the popularity of the desktop devices. The reports definitely provide a platform for the desktop industry to pick up pace and increase its visibility.


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