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Microsoft’s Cortana makes its way to Google Play Store

Microsoft's Cortana makes its way to Google Play Store

Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, is now publically available to non-Microsoft users. Called a public beta, it is available in the Google Play Store. It will also be coming to Apple’s iOS. Cortana is something of a helper-finder for users. She (or he?) locates restaurants and assumingly stores a lot of other things that folks seem to have trouble finding. She can even do internet searches.

Those new to the Microsoft digital assistant can access it via Google Play. Google Play has new beta rules in place, making it easy for new users to sign up. To join the beta program without waiting for pre-approval, users will be required to download the app from Google Play. One reviewer mentioned that Microsoft’s digital assistant’s display on Android is not much different from the traditional personal computer version. Many of the assistant’s functions remain the same.

One salient feature that remains in place is Cortana’s voice-powered web searches, long available on other platforms. She can also help set reminders and track flights. Microsoft affectionately labelled Cortana as a ‘companion to your Windows 10’, perhaps, also subtly reminding folks to download the new Windows package if they haven’t already done this. But they were also quick to suggestively acknowledge that customers are not using their Windows Phone. This may explain the need to branch out.

For those not up to date with software technology, Microsoft remains one of the leaders in technological development and licensing of software products in spite of recent losses.

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