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Obama has ordered creation of an exascale supercomputer

Obama has ordered creation of an exascale supercomputer

US President Barack Obama enters his final months of his occupation of the oval office by possibly creating a legacy that has already surpassed that of some of his predecessors and one that will be difficult to beat in the future. However, perhaps Obama’s latest executive order unwittingly makes it easier for future presidents to rule with impunity. This latest order is geared to give American government more power going forward.

Barack Obama has ordered the creation of an exascale supercomputer which will closely replicate human behavior. The executive order will instruct computers to power the country’s government departments in the future. It could reduce government debt. However, there’s a negative side effect too; expect hundreds of jobs to be lost as often happens when new technologies enter the mainframe.

It should should be kept in mind that it’s still early days and the manufacturing process of the supercomputer can take some time. The president’s order focuses on research and the outlining of plans to create the world’s first exascale computing system.

When operational, an exascale system would be capable of performing 1 million trillion floating-point operations per second. In short, it would be a system that will complete jobs much quicker than all existing supercomputers.

Another reason why such an ambitious project is a long way off is the cost and infrastructure required to put such a huge system in place. In addition, legislative processes would take years to complete. Politicians will haggle over who needs to foot the bill and where funding will be found. However, if there’s any agreement on this grand scheme, expect ordinary tax payers to be summoned.

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