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PancakeBot 3D prints your pancakes in any shape you want

PancakeBot 3D prints your pancakes in any shape you want

This would surely be good news for all the Winnie shaped pancake lovers out there. Miguel Venezuela has designed a robotic pancake printer that will be able to make perfect pancakes quickly. Dubbed as PancakeBot, the device 3D prints pancakes of any desired shape.

PancakeBot comes equipped with software that lets users import multiple designs; this unique feature of the device will allow moms to make pancakes that are more attractive to look at. This is great news for mothers as kids love having foods that look good.

The world’s first pancake printer started as a Kickstarter project about a month ago aiming at raising an amount of $50,000; however, with over 700 backers, PancakeBot has already bagged an amount of around $128,000.

The device is in its 2nd prototype version at present with improved software; it is expected to hit the market in July. Interested buyers can pre-order the machine for half the price any time during the next four weeks; its regular price tag will be $300.

PancakeBot is a combination of an electric griddle and a batter dispensing system that effectively prints out any shape and design. The device is quite user friendly; all a user will need to do is create a design with the software that comes with it and then use an SD card to transfer the design from his/her computer to the PancakeBot.

The dispenser “prints” the batter on the griddle just in right proportion and with adequate thickness. Unfortunately, PancakeBot is unable to flip pancakes when the other side needs the heat; so, the user will have to take the trouble of flipping it on time.

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