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Pinterest gets the Butt by hackers

Pinterest gets the Butt by hackers

For Pinterest users, this is the time to be alert. Hackers are spreading weight loss related pins and butt images across this pinboard-style photo-sharing website. Thus, Pinterest users are advised not to click on any suspicious pin even on a friend’s account.

If reports are to be believed, several Pinterest accounts have been hacked and flooded with spam. The only good thing is that the social networking site has acknowledged the problem and restored all accounts that have been targeted by the hackers, in safe mode.

According to experts, Pinterest became more vulnerable to such attacks the moment its user base started growing. Currently, the popular photo-sharing website has over 70 million users.

The Better Business Bureau, a nonprofit organization that works for resolving disputes between businesses and consumers, released a scam alert a few weeks ago to warn Pinterest users about content that although appears ordinary, brings harmful elements with them. BBB cautioned people particularly against beauty and celebrity photos, infographics, before and after weight loss diet pics and giveaway offers. The warning could however prevent the disaster only partly.

Hackers often choose to access accounts using security holes present in third-party applications. For instance, individuals using an app that automatically posts their pins on Facebook or Twitter can suddenly find their Pinterest accounts hacked through that app. The same can happen to people, who mistakenly enter a malicious code, on their site’s Pinterest widget.

Thus, users, who want to keep their Pinterest accounts safe and prevent them from getting spammed with ugly butt images, should take certain steps for keeping the hackers at bay. They should always report suspicious pins, perform thorough inspection before using any third part app and click on a link only after checking its destination.

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