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PlayStation Network down for many once again (updated)

PlayStation Network down for many once again (updated)

After being down for hours, Playstation is up and running again. During downtime, gamers lost access to Sony’s online services. Many users should have been sleeping or working anyway. Sony has been sleeping, though. Apart from games, there are important reasons for having ready access to Sony’s online services which also affect customer’s personal bottom lines.

It was only after numerous complaints were laid at the door of Sony’s engineers by die-hard gamers that the Japanese company decided to do maintenance work. So, when that happened, gamers were inevitably prevented from accessing their favourite games. The landing page correctly explained that maintenance work was being carried out. And this was only for a few hours anyway.

Now, while the Playstation server is up and running again, grumbling gamers are still reporting errors. Power outages have been a regular occurrence for Sony and its users over the last year. For a company of this size, it is indicative of poor housekeeping of online networks and a poor service response to loyal paying customers, some of whom have been depending on the Japanese company to create their own source of entrepreneurial inspiration.

And long before Sony even began to feign a responsible response and initiate maintenance work, customers were driven out of frustration to launch their own campaign to get the company to pull finger. Apart from Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 being affected by these interruptions, messaging and networking applications have also been negatively impacted.


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