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PLEN2 is a 3D printable personal robot

 PLEN2 is a 3D printable personal robot

When articulated, it is a little less than 8 inches tall but is capable of carrying small items, such as a cup of coffee, for example. Dubbed as PLEN2, the device is a 3D printable personal robot that can entertain you by dancing or playing games. You can control the humanoid robot via any Android or iOS smartphone or other similar devices.

PLEN2 doesn’t stand just for the robot alone; it’s a robot kit consisting of control boards, servomotors and other required accessories as it has been put on Kickstarter. The project has already raised more than $31,000 of its pledged goal of $40,000 and still has 48 days to go.

Nicknamed as the “mirror robot”, PLEN2 walks back and forth, picks up and carry small objects, dances, roller skates and drives around in its own futuristic looking car. The personal robot is usable by anyone, from a child for entertainment to a researcher for educational purpose.

Natsuo Akazawa, CEO of PLEN2 project desires to revolutionize the relationship between technology and humans through this robot as seen in this video.

You can customize your personal robot to a great extent through the PLEN2 kit. The machine may be customized so as to react to body movements, facial expressions and even brainwaves.

Just playing with the kit will enable kids to learn about 3D printing and software programming. An early bird special will get you a PLEN2 assembly kit for $699 (12 out of 20 are sold out). An assembly kit for developers, ROS supported, is available for $1,099. Any pledge of $99 and up gets you a USB cable as well. You have to wait till November for the shipment and it will be shipped all over the world.


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