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Professor does a Sheldon Cooper

Professor does a Sheldon Cooper

The fictional character portrayed by Jim Parsons on CBS television series, the Big Bang Theory, is no longer limited to your living room as a professor has done a Sheldon Cooper performance in his classroom recently.

Professor Lundy Lewis of Southern New Hampshire University didn’t miss his class with his students even when he was attending a conference in Nottingham, UK. He utilized a robot to teach a class of seven students who are taking a course under him on Technology and Society. The robot rolled out of Lewis’ office Monday morning, moved down the hallway and entered the classroom where the students were waiting.

The robot has two wheels located at its base and the base is attached to a pole that is able to move up and down; at the top of the pole is a media tablet where Lundy Lewis appeared to conduct the class — just like Sheldon Cooper converses with friends in the “Big Bang Theory”. There was a two way communication at work where the professor could see his students and talk to them directly and the students were able to ask questions just as they do in ‘normal’ classrooms. It may be perceived as a step up version of Skype communication.

Professor Lundy Lewis’ experiment of distant coaching will apparently have a positive impact on the institutions of higher learning. The students did not feel like he was not there, even though he was thousands of miles away, and the communication among them was effective. Exploring this technology in other fields may yield valuable outcomes.


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