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Robot genocide

Robot genocide

The war against hard-working robots is becoming more violent. In fact, in some cases it has become deadly. The earlier death of the lovable hitchBOT was suspected to have been deliberate. The motivations for attacking diligent machines, whose only purpose in life is to work, may be understandable, but remain questionable. Even since before the Industrial Revolution, the history of antagonism against the use of machinery at the cost of human labour has been fraught with tension, unsettling conflict and sometimes violence. There is an old religious saying that says, “violence, in essence, achieves nothing.”

The extreme measures being taken against robots are counterproductive. The behaviour of radical anti-robot renegades, much like their anti-abortion comrades, runs counter to what they want to achieve. Rather than preserve life, in more ways than one, the robot killers end up harming more than the machines. Instead of being sympathetic to the plight of the humans losing their jobs at the cost of deploying more robots, the industrialists’ hunger for increased profitability grows stronger and the drive towards further mechanisation grows faster.

There are no round table discussions about workable solutions and compromises. One tech analyst believes that while robotics companies improve their technology and increase their production lines in accordance with demand, the drive against these companies will grow stronger over time and the campaigns waged against them more sophisticated. It also becomes a hacker’s paradise. But in the meantime, incidents of violence against technology remain a disturbing trend to watch.

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