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Robots are not to blame for job losses

Robots are not to blame for job losses

It is ultimately the fault of human behaviour when life’s labours bring them down. There are many human beings, on the side of labour rights, who blame modern technology for the massive job losses taking place around the world. They often argue that multinational companies in particular are often only concerned with their bottom lines and the imperative to generate annual profits and attractive dividend payments for their shareholders.

Today, as the technologies to do this are advancing at a rapid pace, the creation of robots is being blamed for yet more job cuts and looming employment crises in the near future.

It is a difficult balancing act for both employers and the advocates of workers’ rights. If companies are not able to generate good margins annually and worse still begin to suffer huge financial losses, job cuts become the first order of business.

The argument goes that labour costs represent companies’ highest expenses. Employing robots to do jobs that unproductive human workers have been doing for many years becomes an attractive investment.

Robots are more efficient and duty-bound in their work processes and where errors and malfunctions do occur, such as in the famously ongoing saga of recalls in the car manufacturing industry, it is not the robot that is at fault but rather the human technician driving the engine behind the scenes.

Robots are not to blame for job losses; they are still only machines. As former US President Truman once said, ‘the buck stops here.’ Blame the bosses.

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