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Samsung mobilizes

Samsung mobilizes

While China bites the bullet and tries to reignite its insatiable growth rate, which by far still surpasses the rest of the world’s, including that of the USA and South Korea, thanks to how the nation’s own industriousness and innovative dominance from some of its companies, continues to rumble gently in spite of challenging trading circumstances.

Even China’s nemesis across the South China Sea, war-weary and nuclear-fatigued Japan, has begun to show signs of moderate growth. South Korean companies, however, continue to be challenged by increased competitiveness across the globe. Samsung remains one of the democratic half of the sub-continent’s struggling standard bearers.

Samsung has its own problems to bear. It is faced with increasing competition from American tech giant Apple and rival regional companies, while sales of its products are either laggard or drop. But Samsung Inc. is mobilizing to counter these challenges. One of their strategies remains the unveiling of new products, albeit in untimely fashion. For example, there is nothing they can do about Apple’s decision to bring forward the release of its much-anticipated new version of the Apple iPhone. What Apple does not have is Samsung’s continued advancement of high definition viewing products.

For instance, they have unveiled their new Ultra HD Blu-ray Player and SleepSense Device, which is sure to set fans’ hearts fluttering. It has also released an internet-connected washing machine simply called the Samsung WW8500 AddWash washing machine. These products, and more, are compatible with iOS and Android. How can Apple Inc. beat that?


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