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Samsung’s next smartwatch will feature fingerprint scanner and mobile payment

Samsung’s next smartwatch will feature fingerprint scanner and mobile payment

While there is still time for Samsung’s next flagship smartphone to be unveiled, the company has already hinted the new features that are going to be incorporated in to the company’s next wearable device all set to be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress of 2015, which is scheduled to take place in February next year.

After Apple revealed that its new flagship smartphones the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus would be fitted with a NFC chip that will allow users to make payments through their phones, Samsung started showing signs suggesting that a similar feature might be present in its upcoming smartwatch. In addition, the smartwatch will also be fitted with a fingerprint scanner, much like it is present in the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. Earlier reports indicated how simple overcoming the security of the fingerprint scanner was so Samsung will most definitely be looking to make the security levels robust than before.

There are also speculations hovering around that Samsung has partnered itself with PayPal, which only seems fitting to the rumor as PayPal had released a defaming advertisement against Samsung’s nemesis indicating how poor the security of Apple’s payment system was going to be. NFC payment methods are going to be far more secure than executing the same process through a wireless network or Bluetooth connection, but PayPal was not moved by the idea.

While Apple has incorporated the same NFC feature in to their Apple iWatch (which is scheduled to be released in 2015), Samsung moved at a quicker pace and decided to unveil its own offering with Apple’s back turned. While some might argue that this time Samsung decided to mimic Apple’s feature in to their own devices, the company does not feel guilty of using that maneuver to their advantage.

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