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School for robot kids

School for robot kids

Brett is a spoiled brat. He is armed to the teeth with toys that other kids only dream about and go gaga over it. Every day he gets to play with planes, blocks, plastic guns and play-play home and kitchen wear gadgets.  Like most normal kids his age, Brett the brat has arms and legs and a developing brain which he can use to apply to the games at hand. If he was not so busy playing he would not mind telling curious onlookers to mind their own business and that what he is doing is not kid’s stuff anyway.

Like most kids his age, Brett is extremely childish. But unlike other children, he is extremely clever and learns very quickly (if he feels like). He is also an unusual-looking child and is not normal in the conventional sense. No ordinary child, Brett is actually a multi-cultural, two-colored kid robot.

Other kids should thank their lucky stars that they are loved the way they are because Brett is confined to his make-believe world at the University of California, Berkeley. Unlike other kids, poor Brett rarely gets out. It is no child’s play being a robot and the University’s pet project humiliatingly named the Berkeley Robot for the Elimination of Tedious Tasks. But Brett should also thank his lucky nuts and bolts because he is quickly learning to do grown-up stuff like opening bottles and cans long before his normal peers are even allowed to do, never mind, learn.

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