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Smartphones gaining more popularity

Smartphones gaining more popularity

Not so long ago, going online was all about using a desktop or a laptop. These days people can go online whenever and wherever they want to thanks to the wide range of smartphones that enable them to do so. When smartphones launched, nobody thought these small handy devices would get as popular as they did. What’s more, these devices have managed to take over the old desktops and laptops too. A number of users have confessed to prefer going online using their Smartphones as compared to logging on to a fixed system or a laptop.

There are a number of reasons that make users prefer the smartphones. Firstly, since their phones are already on, they don’t need to turn on a system; secondly, the speed of internet is at par with what one can expect on a laptop or desktop. Lastly, it’s a lot more convenient to use a smartphone since it allows you to access the internet wherever you are.

It’s also proven that the younger generation are more likely to use their smartphones to access the internet in comparison to the older generation. People above the age of 50 years still prefer their systems and like to browse the internet the old way. Although smartphones are convenient and easy to access, the main problem is the addiction. A number of youngsters are getting hooked on to the internet like never before. A number of mishaps have also been reported due to people trying to click selifes at any given place.

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