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Solar-powered internet access within months

Solar-powered internet access within months

Facebook will be using drones to allow people around the globe get access to Internet. This development is a breath of fresh air for communities living in remote areas. Within a year or two, perhaps even months, the solar-powered drone that will be hovering above them will be bringing good tidings and no-one should be afraid of it.

The drone is fairly large because it has the wingspan of a Boeing 737. What’s most inspiring is that it is an eco-friendly drone which will be powered by the sun. Its mission is friendly too; it will be providing Internet access to these remote areas.

The drone has been code-named Aquila and will be able to fly without landing for three months at a time. The only shot it will be firing is a laser pirouette beaming data to a base station on the ground. There will, of course, be quite a few drones flying as part of this mission because there is a lot of ground to cover. No-one will hear or see it because it will be flying at an altitude of up to ninety thousand feet so that it never gets affected by bad weather.

In conjunction with Facebook’s enterprise, the drones will be linked to a mother ship. Instead of getting connected to customers directly, Facebook will collaborate with local ISPS to provide services.

Facebook’s mission statement in this development is clear. The company’s vice-president of engineering Jay Parikh says that it is their wish to connect everybody in the world. Instead of using drones to kill innocent children, environmentally-friendly and people-friendly drones will be coming to save the world through more accessible and faster communication.

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