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Something to tweet about on Google?

Something to tweet about on Google?

Popular Twitter tweets are showing up in Google search engine stats. Google search results show tweets along with standard results. This has much to do with how keywords are used and the timing of the search. It is a new feature from Google.

The feature has been available for a while to mobile browsers and on the Google app for iOS and Android devices. Much has already been written about the archaic infrastructure and display of current Twitter interfaces, so this is good news for everybody looking for new trends or for something to chat about. It is even good news for regular Twitter handlers. It is a window of opportunity to gaining new exposure and broadening the network of fellow-communicators and readers.

But Twitter is in on this great initiative. They collaborated with Google to bring about the integration of their customers’ tweets in Google search results. Google has now updated their search engines for desktop compatibility. But it appears that more work needs to be done by Twitter technicians.

It remains a challenge to call up search results directly from Twitter on a particular subject or trending conversation. What happens is that other related results are displayed first and users may have to scroll beyond the first search page results. There is no synchronicity or chronological order.

But for users who do not wish to be registered Twitter users, the advantage is clear. They can find and interrogate a Twitter tweet without being integrated within the Twitter community.

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