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SpaceX 3D printer launches into space

 SpaceX 3D printer launches into space

On Sunday, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carried a SpaceX dragon craft from Cape Canaveral of Florida that is destined to reach the International Space Station by Tuesday. There are no astronauts on board the Dragon capsule; it’s carrying all different kinds of supplies to the space station for NASA.

Among the 5000 pounds of scientific gear and other supplies, the California based SpaceX launches a 3D printer into space for the first time ever. As the Dragon craft meets the space station, the capsule like space ship will be brought into the station by a robot arm. The 3D printer along with 20 mice and equipment to conduct 250 different scientific experiments will be unloaded by the astronauts stationed at ISS.

A Silicon Valley company named ‘Made in Space’ manufactured the particular 3D printer; it is physically more rugged than earthly models of 3D printer so that it survives the stresses of the launch and meets the strict safety standards of NASA. There is much anticipation on NASA’s part that with the help of this printer, astronauts one day will crank their needed spare parts. This one will serve as a demonstrator of technology till a larger and more sophisticated version of 3D printer is sent out to the ISS.

The objective of sending a 3D printer into the space is to test and demonstrate that astronauts at the station can print the needed equipment and spare parts instead of shipping those materials from Earth that will cost NASA huge amount of money.

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