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Thanks to Google, the Street View will soon be clean

Thanks to Google, the Street View will soon be clean

Showing that it is serious about making positive inroads to a cleaner environment and cutting carbon emissions, which are contributing towards global warming and climate change, Google is testing pollution-sensing devices in its Street View motor cars.

These vehicles have been fitted with hardware which can measure harmful compounds present in the atmosphere. These compounds include those commonly emitted by motor vehicles, carbon monoxide and methane.

Although the tech is still in its early testing phases, Google has made its intentions clear. Once the hardware is deemed to be ready for use, Google will be adding the collected data to its Maps to allow people to view detailed reports from within their neighborhood.

Google’s actions invite community participation. Google map users can alert their municipal authorities of contraventions to their borough’s clean air and anti-pollution legislation. Also, authorities have access to Google Maps, so they can still do their own work of cleaning the environment.

On a national level, the USA’s EPA is already on board with this initiative from Google. The EPA was involved with the tech company’s system testing in Denver, Colorado. During these tests, three vehicles were used.

The vehicles collected 150 million data points after 750 hours of driving. In autumn, these testing experiments will move to San Francisco where local scientists and communities will be invited to contribute ideas towards improvising and using the information that the Google hardware collects.

Google Earth Outreach is working with Aclima, the company that has fitted Google’s Street View cars with the environmental sensors.

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