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The next iPhone will most likely be announced on September 9

The next iPhone will most likely be announced on September 9

The excitement has begun to whirl through the winds of fast-paced tech change.

While Apple Inc. is not saying anything at this stage, the rumor mill-wheel is spinning faster. It has to because that date is drawing closer and closer. In just over a month from now it is likely that the next stage of technological evolution in mobile phones will formally commence.

The rumor doing the rounds is that Apple will unveil a range of new iPhones. By this time, millions of Apple fans living in different corners of the world must have already pencilled the date of September 9 in their diaries. Close to another historic date, this date is both curiosity-generating and auspicious. Perhaps it’s just coincidental.

However, now it seems that the rumor has begun to gravitate towards reality because the news is allegedly coming from ‘sources familiar with the matter’. It’s true that to date, no-one has been invited to the launch officially. However, within hours, millions of shoppers may be lining the sidewalks around the corner of their nearest Apple store.

Reports are suggesting that leading the way at the autumn product launch, there will be the new four inch iPhone 6 with a Force Touch display surface, an improved camera and a stronger wireless chip. Siri voice control may also be included.

The new iPhone will not be a lone stranger on the display stand. It will be accompanied by new, grown-up brothers and sisters, the iconic iPads and a new-born child Apple TV. To know what exactly will happen at the launch event, the world will have to wait till Sept. 9.

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