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The road to Tokyo

The road to Tokyo

Trust the Japanese to get things done. Since they surrendered to two atomic bombs to officially end the world’s worst war to date, the Japanese have been powering ahead in regard to industrialisation and new technological innovations.

Brazil continues to be plagued by corruption from the top down, construction delays and work force antagonism. But the Japanese continue to power ahead in spite of obstacles which have admittedly been of their own making. The Japanese are also renowned for their honour and rich cultural heritage which has also seen them wholeheartedly embrace Western alternatives. Japan’s government and the youth are indicative of this.

The government continues to fix the problems related to the nuclear meltdown caused by a devastating tsunami a few years ago. The youth remain colourful and artistically wild in their approach to life.

The Brazilians are in a race against time preparing for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. But it is all systems go for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in more innovative ways than one.

This time wheelchair athletes and their wheelchair-bound supporters will be well catered for. The Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism have initiated collaborations with other organizations which will see them create detailed electronic maps showing venue routes without any obstacles for wheelchair travellers. They have embraced the challenge of smoothing surfaces for the disabled.

When the routing system is up and running, wheelchair users will be able to access all travel information from their own smartphones.

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