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This 3D printed cast can heal your bones 40-80 percent faster

This 3D printed cast can heal your bones 40-80 percent faster

Three-dimensional printing has started to become a part of several applications. The latest one happens to be a 3D printed cast that will be able to heal an individual’s bones 40-80 percent faster than the regular casts.

The name of the 3D printed cast is ‘Osteoid’, and it has been created by Turkish student Deniz Karasahin. The Turkish prodigy has incorporated a combination of 3D printing and ultrasonic tech in order to heal the bones faster, and make the pain a lot more bearable to the injured person.

According to Karasahin, traditional plaster casts end up becoming itchy and due to the properties of plaster, they start producing a pungent smell within just a few days of use. The plaster also end up making the cast bulky and heavy, which can make the healing period absolutely unbearable. The patient’s exposure to water is also limited as water breaks down the solid material of the plaster cast.

The Osteoid medical cast will be offering a new way to tackle bone injuries. It will allow construction of casts according to the size of the patient’s affected body part; this will make the patient feel more comfortable when wearing the cast. However, perhaps the best perk of having a 3D printed cast attached to the patient is that it will not produce any rancid odor thanks to the material being used to make the cast.

To allow the cast work effectively, it will have to be attached to the affected area and remain there for at least 20 minutes for the healing process to start kicking in.

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