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Revolutionary tech and gadgets of 2015

These awesome gadgets were once considered to exist only in fantasies and movies, but here we are in 2015, where we can see that these futuristic gadgets have already become a reality. Share:

Crazy Japanese tech

The Japanese have always lead the way when it comes to technologya ad here is why. Share:

Nintendo World Championship is back

The wait is not going to be an longer. Nintendo is back! Share:

Witness Sachin making a custom BMW

The God of Cricket is himself creating BMW in its Indian Plant. Share:

Talent like no other


Posted by KOWKOW on Monday, May 4, 2015

Why some girls wish he could draw their eyeliners. Share:

Robot takes a quite evening walk

Watch ATRIAS make those cute turns in the park. Share:

New game haunts your own home

Smartphone games gets closer to paranormal reality. Have fun. Share:

Apple watch hits a hue tattoo roadblock

Who would have thought Apple would find a tough nemesis in tattoos. Share:

Will the 30 meter telescope ever see the light of the day?

This 30 meter telescope would have been cool to finally lay our hands on, however, it hits the roadblock. Share:

Meet Brutus and get ready to be awed

Brutus loves to run and the bionic legs bought him to the life he so wished. Share:

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